Hi, I'm Ben and I develop beautiful websites and applications

Who am I?

My name is Benjamin Alan and I am a professional freelance web developer located in Vancouver British Columbia. I enjoy developing unique projects that incorporate beautiful designs and layouts. I am mostly a front end web developer but am interested in back end and am actively learning backend technologies.

Front End Developer

I enjoy developing clean and elegant layouts for websites and applications. I love to be creative with layouts and front end branding.

My Skills

HTML CSS Javascript Git Ajax

Back End Developer

I enjoy the process of creating back end applications because it makes projects really come to life. I have some experience using node.js, and am learning more and more php every day.

My Skills

node.js php npm

Graphic Designer

I have been a graphic designer for 4+ years and really enjoy creating brand identities and advertisement visuals.

My Skills

Photoshop Illustrator Premier Pro inDesign XD

Recent Work

Here are some of my most recent projects.